On these courses you will learn to use your body weight to obtain dynamic stretches and mobilisations.

On these courses you will learn to use your body weight to obtain dynamic stretches and mobilisations.

Thai Massage techniques are very effective in reducing pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints, whilst increasing flexibility and mobility.

These skills will open up your practice in a new and exciting direction. Your clients will love the benefits even with just a few techniques used within a treatment. You will also be able to offer a full Thai treatment on the table at the end of these two days.

The benefits to your practice will be incredible, allowing your treatments to really stand out from conventional massages. You will find yourself able to work longer with energy at the end of the day, with less pressure on your individual hand and finger joints.

Prone & Supine –

A two day course covering techniques in these positions. We will spend time learning different techniques, how to use your body weight and good positioning for your comfort and ease, whilst offering great stretches and mobilisations. There will be time for consolidation and looking at how to incorporate these techniques into your existing practice.

Side lying 

A one day course covering techniques on the side. Incredibly useful for clients who are restricted in their positions, also for the benefits of working with the client in a three dimensional way. Freeing joints, mobilising the spine & opening the diaphragm and ribs basket.

Give both you & your clients the gift of this ancient and wonderful practice.

The Thai Table Massage course was a real game changer for my practice. Not only did I learn so much more about the mechanics of the body, but it gave me a huge amount of confidence with mobilising the body, opening up a whole new area of skills and techniques for treating clients.

As a consequence of the course, almost every treatment I give combines in some form Swedish techniques focusing on soft tissue manipulation, with some kind of movement and mobility of joints. I have found the results to be profound in terms of benefits for my clients, and it has also equipped me with new techniques that are very gentle on my body to give.

Ruth is a fantastic tutor – so knowledgeable, pitches the classes perfectly and lots of fun to learn with. I would highly recommend this course to any Swedish massage practitioner


Thai Table Massage

Two Days Prone & Supine

25th & 26th April 2024

at the Exeter School of Bodywork

Does your body feel stuck?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Learning how bodies move also taught me to see how bodies don’t move. How they can become stuck and lost in patterns of limited belief systems.

Whether these particular movement pathways have come about through a traumatic incident or habitual use, the result is often a closing down and restriction of movement. My dance training informs my life’s practice towards developing freedom in movement, leading to ease in how we live our lives.

I work with sports injury, repetitive use and both acute & chronic conditions, within my Remedial Practice. In these sessions I use postural & movement assessments with rehabilitation, in helping people to move forward and progress.