Assisting Our Body's Desire to Self Heal

The stability of our muscular skeletal system is maintained through our muscles working together in cooperative groups, enabling us to keep our balance & flexibility whilst maintaining our posture.

At different phases in our lives our muscle strength can become out of balance or our feedback loop can become off kilter or misaligned. This could be caused by habitual patterns, previous injury, perhaps a fall or general lack of functional movement.

Rehabilitation programmes can help with recovery from injury, repetitive strain symptoms, regaining strength and stability after surgery, re-education of compensatory muscles and maintaining good posture, flexibility and agility.

Anyone from any age and with any life style can gain benefits from a progressive exercise programme.

The Rehabilitation Programme

After an initial assessment we will create a programme together to suit your lifestyle. The exercises will be progressive and include a range of techniques to improve strength, proprioception, movement range and flexibility.

We will combine treatments with regular catch up sessions to ensure your exercise programme will develop as your body becomes stronger and you are more able to perform the tasks well. Regular contact will keep you engaged with the programme.

It is important to continue with rehab after the pain has gone to ensure full tissue healing and strength is regained. This can prevent further injury or complications in the future. Full recovery and re-education can take up to 12 weeks.

Together we can aim to improve your quality of life and keep you doing what you love for longer.

Does your body feel stuck?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Learning how bodies move also taught me to see how bodies don’t move. How they can become stuck and lost in patterns of limited belief systems.

Whether these particular movement pathways have come about through a traumatic incident or habitual use, the result is often a closing down and restriction of movement. My dance training informs my life’s practice towards developing freedom in movement, leading to ease in how we live our lives.

I work with sports injury, repetitive use and both acute & chronic conditions, within my Remedial Practice. In these sessions I use postural & movement assessments with rehabilitation, in helping people to move forward and progress.