A Person Centred Approach

Remedial Bodywork aims to alleviate pain & discomfort in a therapeutic and rehabilitative manner.

Your first session will include a full consultation and assessment, we will agree on a treatment plan and strategy to address what you need help with.

This can range from muscular/skeletal injuries, repetitive strain conditions, past emotional or physical trauma, stress or help with an exercise plan for moving forward. Through my extensive training and experience I have a full palette of techniques available to cover many situations. A treatment could combine:

Myofascial Release

Joint Mobilisations


Acupuncture Needling

Neuro-Muscular Techniques

Kinesiology Taping

Soft Tissue Therapy and Neuro-Muscular Techniques can help to release muscular tension, which may be restricting the body’s ability to realign and heal. Our fascia is an integrated web of tissue which connects everything. This tissue can become bound through posture, trauma, injury or habitual use. Myofascial therapy can help to release the restrictions this can cause.

Acupuncture and Chinese Cupping are great tools to encourage the flow of energy through our system. In Chinese medicine it is believed that it is blockages within these energy lines/meridians which cause pain.

Muscle testing can give a picture of where balance needs to be encouraged. Exercises may be part of your treatment strategy for retraining of specific muscles.

‘Ruth is the only practitioner I have worked with who really listens to you and your body without an agenda. She has a wealth of skills at her disposal and actively engages with your process to facilitate empowerment. The exercises she suggests are brought in when appropriate and are tailored uniquely to your individual needs and progress, whilst being monitored on subsequent visits. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!’


These sessions are a two way process, working together to help re-educate old patterns and habits, which may be holding back your healing process and causing discomfort or pain.

I work in a holistic way, with the whole of you. Everything is connected, just as we are connected to everything.

Acupressure massage on the face, hands, feet and abdominal areas can also be a wonderfully therapeutic part of your treatment.

‘Ruth has an amazing repertoire of skills which she uses in different combinations to improve whatever my body is presenting for treatment.

At times I’ve been in considerable pain and lacking manoeuvrability, but she manages to ultimately resolve the problems with care, understanding and kindness’.



If you’d like to book an appointment for a remedial treatment, or any other specialist therapies, contact Ruth today. Prior to your appointment, Ruth will discuss your needs to ensure that you get what you need.

Ruth Bell Bodyworks Remedial Treatments

Does your body feel stuck?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Learning how bodies move also taught me to see how bodies don’t move. How they can become stuck and lost in patterns of limited belief systems.

Whether these particular movement pathways have come about through a traumatic incident or habitual use, the result is often a closing down and restriction of movement. My dance training informs my life’s practice towards developing freedom in movement, leading to ease in how we live our lives.

I work with sports injury, repetitive use and both acute & chronic conditions, within my Remedial Practice. In these sessions I use postural & movement assessments with rehabilitation, in helping people to move forward and progress.