Support group for Massage Practitioners & Body Workers

I offer these monthly supervision groups, in Exeter, as a support group for Massage Practitioners & Body Workers.

These peer supported sessions have proved to be an invaluable support for therapists working alone. They are a place to share ideas with other therapists, gain skills, ask for technical advice, find emotional or practical support.

Each term will be a small closed group, to enable us to build trust and support one another.

Group supervision is a held and confidential space facilitated by an experienced massage tutor. It is an opportunity to get support with things you are struggling with related to your business, share experiences and achievements and practice hands on techniques.

Being a massage therapist can be a lonely and isolating profession at times but supervision brings a sense of working together and supporting each other.


New Supervision Dates For 2022

Monthly supersion will begin on the 4th February 2022.

£30 per session with a commitment of 3/4 sessions to enable trust & continuity for all the group.

Please contact me if you would like to know more.

Supervision Groups

Interested in joining a monthly supervision group?

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