In this second article I want to focus on our health as massage therapists…

How do you feel after a full day in practice? How many massages can you physically manage in a day?

I practice full body Thai Massage on a futon on the floor. I love the way it feels like a yoga session for both of, energising yet deeply nurturing and relaxing. The techniques allow me to use my whole body, offering dynamic stretches and mobilisations whilst using my body weight and mobility.

Over the years I began to integrate some of these techniques into my table treatments. My clients love them, and I realised how much more energised I was at the end of a day.

I use my whole body rather than just my hands and forearms. I have adapted the techniques from the floor to allow for an integrated treatment. Why? Because there are aspects of the treatments I offer on the table which give fantastic relief. I love getting my hands on, skin to skin contact, and I know the benefits of deep tissue techniques and ……people love massage!

Combining this with mobilisations and dynamic stretches gives a great all round treatment, which will get to the parts other massages can’t. I often use Muscle Energy Techniques with the Thai to encourage even greater release.

Thai Massage is an ancient practice and has a deeply spiritual element to it. Following these principals means I work in a way which allows both me and my clients to drop into our bodies and become truly present. Something we all need right now.

Through engaging with this practice and integrating Thai Massage Techniques within your existing treatments you can really help your body and longevity of your career, whilst offering a wonderful experience to other people.